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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Each client can have an unlimited number of policies.

Yes. An import program has been written. You can easily import your Policy data into the Commission Tracker database.
Please contact support for more information.

Yes. Put in a temporary number. You will not be able to save a policy without giving
it a policy number.

Additional Insights

Commission Tracker operates on a cloud-based platform, which means that we host the software on our robust servers. This eliminates the need for you to download or manually update any software, ensuring the constant safety and security of your data. Moreover, you can conveniently access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Getting started with the software is simple. You can subscribe on a monthly basis, and by making this purchase, you agree to have your credit card automatically billed the same monthly fee. Your subscription will remain active until you contact us to cancel, with all cancellations requiring email confirmation.

There’s no mandatory minimum subscription period with Commission Tracker Cloud. We offer a hassle-free start, bundling software hosting, upgrades, and email support within your monthly subscription. Additionally, you will receive 60 minutes of annual phone support.

Our licensing for Commission Tracker Cloud is “user-based,” meaning that each user requires an admin license. The initial admin license costs $67 per month, and each additional admin license is priced at $47 per month.

For example:

  • If two individuals plan to use the software, you will need two admin licenses ($67 + $47 per month).

  • If one person intends to use the software both on their office PC and laptop at home, only one admin license is needed ($77 per month).

Your monthly subscription includes support, so there are no extra charges unless you exceed the included 60 minutes of annual phone support.

For those who need to pay agents each month, the Agent License fee is $1 per Agent per Month, sold in packs of 5.

With our Cloud service, you will always have access to the latest version of Commission Tracker, all without the hassle of downloading or updating anything manually.