Release Notes

July 16, 2023 7.00.9950 – Release Notes:

  • Payment History – you can now Edit and Repost payments or Reverse and Repost payments.
  • Payment History – you can now view the agent commission amounts for each payment by double-clicking the payment or clicking the new Agent Commission button.
  • Update Policies – from the Tools menu you can run Update All Policies. This let’s you edit policies for all carriers at once so you don’t have to select one carrier at a time.
  • Update Policies – you can update policies for a single Agent by clicking the Update Policies button on the Agent screen.
  • Import Carrier Statement Errors – you can now edit the Billing Date of a pending payment to correct the following error: Billing Date Is For An Older Non-Existent Term
  • Manage Agents has been added to the Tools menu. This is a way to batch edit agent settings such as Active/InActive.
  • Create Policies Mappings – more fields can now be assigned a static value rather than being mapped to a spreadsheet column.
  • Create Policies Agent Matching has been added (previously only Client Matching was available). Instead of just creating a new Agent Name it will first try to match it to an existing Agent Name. This will help prevent the creation of duplicate agents.
  • Create Policies – you can now right-click on a new client or agent name and quickly create an alias without running the Client Alias or Agent Alias program and going through so many steps.

March 23, 2023 7.00.9937 – Release Notes:

  • Agency Payments Received report – you can now Sort and Subtotal this report by Primary Agent. We have had a lot of requests for this option.

 March 03, 2023 7.00.9935 – Release Notes:

  •  Edit Payment History – This version adds the ability to Edit and Repost a payment. So if you need to edit a payment, you need to first Delete the payment and then go to the list of Deleted Payments and use the <Edit/Repost> button to make changes to the payment and Repost it.
  • Agent Commissions Earned report – has a new and improved Raw Data format option that exports perfectly to Excel for creating your own reports.
  • Exporting Reports – all reports can now be exported to Excel without any formatting issues.
  • Filtering Reports – all reports now list the filtering options used to create the report at the top of each page.
  • Import Policies  the old (and obsolete) Import Policies program has been completely retired. The New Import Policies program is much more flexible.

December 09, 2022 7.00.9930 – Release Notes:

  • Create Policies – has a new Client Name Matching feature. Instead of creating a new Client Name it will first try to match any existing client names.
  • Agency Payments Received report – now separates Premium Amount and Subscriber Count into different columns (for PPS/PEPM policies).
  • Agency Payments Received report – can now be exported to Excel without any formatting issues. The rest of the reports will be fixed in the next release.

October 01, 2022 7.00.9925 – Release Notes:

  • Renew Policies – will now notify the user if a partial term (a policy with less than a 12-month term) is found. The user will be asked if they would like to adjust the policy to a full 12-month term with 12 payments. This is useful for Medicare policies where the first term might have been 3 months, but the renewal needs to be a full 12-month term.
  • Renew Policies – can automatically renew a policy as many times as needed until a specified year is reached. This is useful when a very old policy is created and it needs to be renewed many times before the current payments can be posted to it. You are no longer required to renew the policy one term at a time.
  • Renew Policies – A “Renew All” button has been added
  • Import Carrier Statement Errors – The error “Payment Is For A Future Term” can now be automatically fixed for you by clicking “Retry Payments”. Previously only the error “Payment Is For The Next Term” could be automatically fixed. The error “Payment Is For A Future Term” had to be manually fixed.
  • Import Carrier Statement Errors – A “Retry All” button has been added
  • Reconcile – now remembers several dates for you, including the Receive Date and Check Date on the Main screen and the From/To Dates on the “Show Outstanding” screen.
  • Policy Screen – “Receive Payment”, “Partial/Chargeback” and “Bonus/Override” – Those buttons will now autofill Check Date based on the Receive Date setting and remember the last Receive Date, Check Date and Check Number entered by the user.
  • Import Carrier Statement Mapping – Next to the “Billing Date Column” is a new checkbox called “Paid-To Date”. You no longer need to edit the spreadsheet file and subtract 1 month from a Paid-To Date column to create a Billing Date column. If this option is checked then then the importer will subtract 1 month from the date on the spreadsheet and import the adjusted date for you as the Billing Date.
  • Import Carrier Statement – A “Notes” button has been added to the Import Carrier Statement screen and Create Policies screen. This is where you should write specific notes to help you remember how to setup the import, correct import errors and create new policies. If no notes exist the button will be yellow. If notes exist the button will be red.
  • Import Files Names – The entire import file name used in Import Carrier Statement will now be displayed on ALL screens in the software. We are no longer cutting off the import file name. This means if you have a really long spreadsheet file name you will be able to see the entire name in the Reverse Import program and in the Agency Payments Received report when filtering by import session name. It is also displayed correctly now in Payment History and Import Carrier Statement Errors. Please note that only NEW imports will display the full file name. The imports you have already completed will still be cut off at the old size limit.

 September 09, 2022 7.00.9921 – Release Notes:

  •  More improvements have been made to the Import Carrier Statement Mapping screen:
  1. A preview of the spreadsheet has been added to the bottom of the Mapping screen. This will make it easier to find the correct columns when configuring a mapping.
  2. You can now select which row of a spreadsheet contains the Column Headings. This means you no longer need to modify a spreadsheet by deleting all rows above the Column Heading row before importing a spreadsheet. ICS will remember where to find the Column Heading row and ignore all rows above the Column Heading row.
  3. In the Mapping preview, the Column Heading row(s) will be highlighted in green.
  4. In the Mapping preview, all rows above the Column Heading row will be highlighted in gray and ignored during the import.
  • The Discrepancy Report now has options to include:
  1. Billing Months That Have Not Received A Payment (missing payments)
  2. All Payments Received (include payments without a discrepancy)

The first option allows you to see payments you haven’t received along with payments that have a discrepancy. This gives you a full picture of missed revenue.

The second option allows you to see the payments that do not have a discrepancy along with payments that do have a discrepancy.

If you check both options every payment due for a policy will be included regardless of how much was (or was not) received.

  • Import Carrier Statement will now remember the last Receive Date used so it doesn’t have to be re-entered for every import session.
  • The totals at the bottom of the Import Carrier Statement Errors screen have been improved. The total no longer includes Skipped or Deleted payments. It made more sense to only include Posted and Pending payments in the total.
  • The Deleted Payments screen (in Payment History) now allows the user to Repost All payments at once.
  • The Effective Date of a policy can now be changed even after payments have been received. The user will be warned if an existing payment will become invalid because the Billing Date of that payment is now outside the new date range of the policy.
  • When manually Renewing a partial term policy, the user will now be asked if they would like to adjust the policy to a full 12-month term with 12 payments. If the user clicks YES then do not ask for a new Premium. If the user clicks NO, then it behaves as it always has and asks for the new Premium.
  • A new option was added to the Options Menu to disable the warning message when manually editing a policy and payments have already been received. The message can be annoying when manually editing several policies in a row.
  • A new option was added to the Options Menu to disable the Agent Commission Splits Warning message when manually receiving a payment to a policy and all commissions are going to The House because the Agent Split Table is blank. If user wants commissions to always go to The House then it can be annoying to always receive this warning.

June 18, 2022 7.00.9917 – Release Notes:

  • New features have been added to Import Carrier Statements. You can now map the Worksheet name on the mapping screen. Transaction Type is now an option that is set on the mapping screen so it will be remembered by the software. Check Number now defaults to the Import File Name for convenience. Also ICS can now recognize dates on a carrier statement in the format: YYYYMM, so there is no longer a need to convert dates to the standard MM/YYYY format before importing the statement.
  • It is now possible to UnDelete a payment from the Payment History screen. Click the Deleted Payments button on the Payment History screen to see a list of payments that have been deleted. Click the new Repost button to re-enter the payment. NOTE – the payment be applied using the CURRENT Policy Carrier Table and Agent Split settings. This is extremely useful if you have entered a payment and then discovered that the agents were paid using incorrect settings. Simply delete the payment, make the necessary corrections and then Repost the payment.
  • Quick Reports have been added to the main screen so you can quickly access our 3 most popular reports: Agency Payments Received (APR), Agent Commission Earned (ACE) and Policy Report. These 3 reports buttons are located to the right of the View Cloud Files button.
  • Delete All Payments has been added to the Tools menu just below the Delete All Policies program. This program allows you to delete just payments, based on filters you set, without deleting any Clients or Policies.
  • A bug was fixed in Agent Commission Earned. When emailing more than 75 agents at a time the system would crash. This has been fixed and sending emails is much faster now too.
  • A bug was fixed on the Policy screen. When adding a new Agent Split at the bottom of the screen the software would randomly freeze and crash, forcing the user to restart the software.

May 20, 2022 7.00.9914 – Release Notes:

  • Import Carrier Statements now has the ability to import CSV formatted files. You no longer need to convert your CSV files to the Excel format before importing. Carrier statements that can only be downloaded in the CSV format can now be imported directly by Import Carrier Statements!

April 20, 2022 7.00.9912 – Release Notes:

  A list of “Preset” Date Ranges have been added our 6 most popular reports. By selecting on of these presets such as “Last Month” or “Last Year” the From and To dates will automatically populated for you.

  •  Payment Discrepancy
  • Book of Business
  • Agency Payments Received
  • Agent Commissions Earned
  • Agency vs Agent Commission Comparison
  • Policy List

Many of the report filter settings such as “Date Range”, “Sort and Subtotal” and “Report Format” are now remembered by our 7 most popular reports so you do not have to re-enter your preferences every time you run the report.

  •  Accounts Receivable
  • Payment Discrepancy
  • Book of Business
  • Agency Payments Received
  • Agent Commissions Earned
  • Agency vs Agent Commission Comparison
  • Policy List

April 14, 2022 7.00.9910 – Release Notes:

  • The rules for paying a commission type of “Dollars” to an Agent have been improved. If the agency earns a negative commission for the month, then the agent is a paid the Dollar amount as a negative for the month. For example, if you setup an agent to earn a 5 Dollar commission but the agency receives a chargeback for the month, then the agent will be paid negative $5 for the month.
  • Loading of the Agent, Carrier and Client lists has been improved and is faster.

April 01, 2022 7.00.9909 – Release Notes:

  • The Agency vs Agent Commission Comparison report has been added to the Report Menu. This allows you to quickly ensure the commissions your agency paid out are equal to the commissions your agency received. It is no longer necessary to run the Agency Payments Received report and compare it to the Agent Commissions Earned report. This new report uncovers if any agents were overpaid or underpaid.

March 20, 2022 7.00.9908 – Release Notes:

  • Agency Payments Report can now be run “By State”. Perfect for tax purposes.
  • Book of Business Report now includes a “Summary Mode” which has a policy count.

January 26, 2022 7.00.9906 – Release Notes:

  • It is now possible to change a Policy from using a Policy Specific Agent Commission Split Table to a Carrier Table Based Agent Commission Table.

November 05, 2021 7.00.9905 – Release Notes:

  • An archive of Deleted Payments has been added to the Payment History screen. You can now see a list of deleted payments along with information about who and when the payment was deleted.
  • Users now have the ability to purchase additional Agent Licenses without leaving the software and the licenses are activated immediately.

May 24, 2021 7.00.99 – Release Notes:

  • Added an alias feature to Import Carrier Statements. This solves the issue for Clients and Agents whose names appear slightly differently on various carrier statements. For example, the software can now be configured to recognize that “John R Doe” and “John Robert Doe” are the same person.

December 16, 2020 7.00.98 – Release Notes:

  • Policy History log is now available on the Policy screen.
  • Policy Importer has been completely rewritten and is now much easier to use.
  • Agency Payments Received report can now be sorted by Receive Date.
  • Terminated Status Policies can now be hidden in the list using a new filter added to the Options menu.

November 23, 2019 7.00.86 – Release Notes:

  • Updated the Getting Started page of the Help website to explain the new features of this version.
  • Users can now Renew and Create Policies directly from Errors – Import Carrier Statement.
  • New feature added to the Option menu to allow Duplicate Policy Numbers. Two policies can now have the same policy number as long as at least one of the following fields are different: Policy Type, Client Name, Revenue Group, Carrier Name, Carrier Table
  • Payment History now records the username and timestamp for manually entered payments; not just imported payments.
  • New APR vs ACE Report! It only lists payments where there is a discrepancy of at least $1 between the gross commission and the total commissions paid out to agents (and The House).
  • Agent Commission Split reports were cleaned up.
  • New colors on some the screens to brighten things up a bit.
  • Mouse wheel can be used to scroll the tree up and down.
  • The unsupported Import Carrier Statement and the unsupported Reconcile Carrier Statement programs are gone forever. All users must now use the new Import Carrier Statement and new Reconcile Carrier Statement programs.

 July 16, 2018 7.00.80 – Release Notes:

  • Improved Agent, Carrier and Client Searches – Quickly and easily find the Agent, Carrier or Client you are looking for with advanced “partial matching”. For example, if the Agent is listed in the tree as “Smith, John”, you can find this Agent by searching on “John” or “Smith” or “Jo”. This partial matching will apply to the name and policy number you are searching for. In addition we added an extra feature to the Client search. Because the Client list tends to be the longest, we now only list the Clients that match your search term. This will make a much shorter list to scroll through and find the exact Client you want. However, while Policies will show up in the Client’s folder you will no longer be able to search for Policies from the Client list. But this should make it much easier to find Clients quickly; searching on any part of the Client or Company name.

 July 15, 2018 7.00.79 – Minor Bug Fixes

 July 14, 2018 7.00.78 – Release Notes:

  • Policy Import Session Reverser – Now you can reverse a policy import session. No more need to call us to rollback your database after a bad policy import.
    Read More
  • Policies Report – A new filter has been added so you can view exactly which policies were imported during a specific session. This could be useful after an import session completes or before you decide to reverse an import session.
  • Cloud Database Backup Feature – Located in the Help menu. You can request that an encrypted copy of your Cloud database be sent to you via email. You will not be able to open the encrypted file but rather you would email it to us in the event of a major data center catastrophe. Read More
  • Import Carrier Statement – Fixed issues reading certain types of Excel spreadsheets
  • Import Carrier Statement – Now the premium amount and the subscriber count can be mapped to the same spreadsheet column or to two different spreadsheet columns.
  • All Imports – Now all import programs remember the last folder that was used to load Excel files, so you do not have to search for the folder every time.
  • Policy Tree Interface – The Policy Tree has been completely rewritten to be more stable and user-friendly now. When you Edit a policy and click Save, the policy will no longer move to the bottom of the folder. When you duplicate a policy you are taken directly to the new policy instead of staying on the old policy (just click “Edit” to start making changes). The “RED” carrier folders, which would not open to show the policies inside, should almost never happen now (expect on extremely large databases).
  • Import Agent Commission Splits – Can now be used to import Agent Overrides and Bonus too.
  • Policy Editing – Making a major change to a policy (like changing the Primary Agent or Carrier Table) will now ask if you want to make the change to ALL terms of that policy.
  • Newsletter Signup – you can now sign up for the Commission Tracker Newsletter from the Help menu.
  • Very Unsupported Programs – It is very likely that the following programs will be removed within the next 2 months because they are not compatible with the new database architecture that is nearly ready for release. Please use the new Import Carrier Statement and Reconcile Carrier Statement on the Carrier screen.
    • Old Import Carrier Statement
    • Old Reconcile
    • Agent Commission Template (Replaced by Carrier Table Agent Splits)

 April 10, 2018 7.00.76 – Release Notes:

  • New Agent Commissions Earned Report – The new Agent Commissions Earned report can email reports directly to all of your agents as a PDF attachment. Use the Agent screen to setup email addresses for all of your agents. This powerful new program will save you hours of commission statement processing time. An agent license must be purchased for each of your agents in order to use this program. The cost is $1 per month for each license and can be purchased on our website. You can read about this feature here:

and licenses can be purchased here:

  • Advanced Agent Commission Splits – Agent hierarchies (known as Uplines) can now be created using “Manage Agent Levels and Uplines” in the Tools menu. These Uplines and Levels are only used by the Carrier Table Agent Split setup. You can read about “Carrier Table Agent Split (Using Agent Uplines)” here:

You can read about “Manage Agent Levels and Uplines” here:

  • Multiple Primary Agents – If two or more Agents are involved in writing a new Policy, they can now “split” the commission between them. You can read more about this advanced feature here:

  • Agent Commission Levels – An Agent’s level is no longer defined on the Agent screen. Use “Manage Agent Levels and Uplines” in Tools menu to set the level of all Agents on one screen:

  • Import Policies Auto Refresh – You no longer need to exit and restart Commission Tracker after running Import Policies in order to see the new policies in the tree. The tree will automatically refresh when the import is finished. You can also manually refresh the tree by clicking Refresh in the Options menu.
  • Delete Policies Utility – Quickly delete thousands of old policies from your database. The easiest way to delete policies and all of their payments with one click of the mouse. This new utility can be found in the Tools menu:

  • Accounts Receivable Report By Email – The A/R report can now be sent by email directly to anyone with a CT Username. You can setup email address for CT Users in the Tools > System Options menu. If we receive positive feedback, we will add this feature to all reports.
  • Unsupported Programs – The following programs have been marked as “Unsupported” in the menus. Please use the new Import Carrier Statement and Reconcile on the Carrier screen. We will no longer support these programs and they will eventually go away in a future release:
  • Old Import Carrier Statement
  • Old Reconcile
  • Agent Commission Template (Replaced by Carrier Table Agent Splits)

November 15, 2017           7.00.72 – Release Notes

  • New Import for Agent Advances – Agent Advances can now be imported from an Excel spreadsheet (the new import is located in the Import menu).
  • Updating Policies to Terminated – Update Policies now requires a Termination Date when changing the status of policies to Terminated.

 April 04, 2017         7.00.66 – Release Notes

  • GAME CHANGER – The AutoRenew feature has been improved. The user is now given 3 options. The new option allows the user to see a list of the policies before the user decides whether or not to renew them.
  • GAME CHANGER – A Print feature has been added to the Import Carrier Statement Errors program. You can now print out a list of the Import errors.
  • Several minor changes were made to New Reconcile program. A popup now appears after successfully writing the payments. Also, Receive and Check Dates are now reset to Today’s Date after writing the payments.

August 24, 2016     7.00.64 – Bug fix for new Reconcile and new Import Carrier Statement

June 13, 2016                      7.00.62 – Release Notes

  • GAME CHANGER – A new Import for Carrier Statements has been created. It is being released as a Beta. You will find the old Carrier Statement Import in the Import menu.  All Imports have been moved from the File menu to the Import menu. You will find the new Import Carrier Statement button on the Carrier screen. You must first select a Carrier before running the Import. This is because the Excel column mappings are now being stored by Carrier. However, you can still import multiple Carrier payments from a single Excel file. A Carrier selection is only required so that we can save the column mapping information.
  • A new option has been added to the Options menu to turn off AutoRenew Policies.

 February 22, 2016             7.00.58 – Release Notes

  • GAME CHANGER – A new Reconcile for Carrier Statements has been created. It is being released as a Beta. You will find the new button next to the old Reconcile button on the Carrier screen. You can still use the old Reconcile for now, but it will be phased out later this year.
  •  GAME CHANGER – Automatic Policy Renewal. When CT starts it will scan for any policies that are coming due for renewal in the next 2 months and ask if you would like CT to automatically renew those policies for you.
  • The sorting of the Commission Table list on the Policy screen has been improved.
  • Payment History now remembers if you prefer Summary or Detail mode.
  • Was not calculating the Expected Comm correctly for Scheduled Comm tables with payment advances.
  •  ActiveNew and ActiveReWrite policies now will keep their status when they Renew manually from the Policy screen.
  • No longer allow the Delete key to work on the Agent Comm Split Table. It was a backdoor way to remove an agent from the Agent Commission Split Table even after payments had been posted.
  • Added “Pay Agent” option to the Update Policies application.
  • Fixed bug in Policy screen. If user changes the carrier for 1 version of a policy, it would always update all the versions, but it wasn’t also updating the Commission Table selection for all versions. Normally, you do NOT update all versions for JUST a Commission Table change, but it needs to be done when the Carrier has changed.
  • The old Reconcile and the Future Commission Report were running very slowly since the last release. New indexes were added to the database and now both of these applications run much faster.

 July 31, 2015                         7.00.54 – Release Notes

  •  Minor Bug Fix for the new Payment History.

July 30, 2015                         7.00.53 – Release Notes

  • Minor Bug Fixes for Payment History and Commission Table Agent Splits.

July 27, 2015                         7.00.52 – Release Notes

  • Minor Bug Fix – A Database conversion needs to be run to fix a minor issue with the Payments Discrepancy report for Policies using Scheduled Commission Table. This Database conversion can take more than an hour for a very large Database.
  • GAME CHANGER – Payment History has been completely rewritten and includes a ton of new features and totals. Everything you need to know about a policy’s payments on a single screen which can be printed.
  • Minor Enhancement – Added Progress Bar the bottom of the Reconcile screen. We understand that Reconcile submit is taking longer than before, and we are in the process of completely rewriting Reconcile. We’ve added this Progress Bar in the meantime.
  • Minor Enhancement – Improved the sorting in the Commission Table Agent Splits grid.
  • Minor Enhancement – The Crystal Reports Engine, which drives all of our new reports, has been upgraded to the latest version. This means faster and more stable reporting for our newest reports: A/R, Discrepancy, Book of Business, Policies and Policy Error Report.

July 06, 2015                         7.00.51 – Release Notes

Minor Bug Fixes – Commission Table Details button was sometimes not showing the correct Commission values. Partial Payments were not working correctly when applied to a policy using a Scheduled Commission Table. A/R Report was not calculating the Comm Diff column correctly. We also added the Primary Contact email address to the Client List report.

June 22, 2015                         7.00.50 – Release Notes

  • GAME CHANGER – Agent Commission Splits no longer need to be defined for each policy. Users can now define Agent Commission Splits and Agent Advances at the Commission Table level. Then based on the Policy’s Primary Agent and Commission Table setting the agents are paid correctly.
  • GAME CHANGER – Commission Tables can now be assigned “Start Dates”. In other words, based on either the Effective Date of the policy OR the Billing Month of the payment, Commission Tracker will select the correct version of the Commission Table automatically!
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – Accounts Receivable, Payment Discrepancy and Book of Business in the Agency Reports section now run MUCH faster. What used to take minutes will now take seconds.
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – Our Database Engine has been significantly upgraded. This means the maximum database size has doubled and faster performance.
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – The AGENT folders list only policies where the agent is the Primary Agent for those policies. Also the Unassigned folder has been removed.
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – If the user does not set the Primary Agent on a new Policy, “The House” agent will automatically be set as the Primary Agent.
  • Minor Enhancement – When creating Scheduled Commission Tables, there is a new “Copy Row” button to make data entry faster.
  • Minor Enhancement – When creating a new policy, the “Renewal Date” setting has been replaced with “# of Months In A Term”. Then CT can calculate the correct Renewal Date for you. The Renewal Date still displays on the reports.
  • Minor Enhancement – “Reverse Import or Reconcile Session” has been rewritten and is now sorted correctly in reverse date order.
  • Minor Enhancement – The Import Policies template has been modified. Users must be sure to use the latest version of the template.
  • Minor Enhancement – The Import Agent Splits template has been modified. Users must be sure to use the latest version of the template.

November 19, 2014                       7.00.40 – Release Notes

  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – A new button titled “Update Policies” has been added to the Carrier screen. The Update Policies screen allows the user to update multiple policies for a carrier with a single mouse click.
  • NEW REPORT – The Polices Report has been rewritten with some additional features. The original Policies Report is still available in this release, but will be removed in a future release.
  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – Commission Tables can no longer be “shared” among multiple Carriers. The problem with sharing Commission Tables is that when a shared commission table is modified by the user, it would be change it for ALL Carriers. This could produce undesirable results. Beginning with version 7.00.40 all currently shared commission tables are being converted to independent copies. From now on if you modify a commission table, you can be confident you are ONLY modifying it for the selected Carrier.  In addition, the old “Share Comm Tables” button has been replaced by a button titled “Copy Commission Tables” . Now you can “copy” commission tables from one Carrier to another, but it will be an independent copy. The two Carriers will not “share” the commission table.
  • Minor Enhancement – The Import Policies template has been modified, a column name has been changed. Users must be sure to use the latest version of the template. A new section has been added to the online documentation entitled “Imports”. You can find more information there.
  • Minor Enhancement – The Import Agent Splits template has been modified, new columns have been added. Users must be sure to use the latest version of the template. A new section has been added to the online documentation entitled “Imports”. You can find more information there.
  • Major Bug Fix – The Import Policies program was not always creating the default “System – None” commission table for NEW Carriers. This bug has been fixed and Carriers that were created incorrectly will be repaired with this release.

June 19, 2014                      7.00.36 – Release Notes

  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – Improved Agent Commission Split Table Autofill by making the matching more intelligent and now explaining how the matching was made in the popup box. Also, it will no longer match on a policy that has an empty Agent Commission Split table; instead it will continue searching.
  • Minor Enhancement – Added 3 new columns to Import Policies: Revenue Group, Cust ID and Policy Status. If the Revenue Group does not exist it will be created.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Location and Rep # to the “% of Premium” format of Agent Commissions Earned report.
  • Major Bug Fix – Import Policies – if the Commission Table being imported already existed, the import would not set the Commisison Table correctly for the Policy being imported.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where Agent Locations could not be deleted because CT thought they were still in use even though they were not in use.
  • Minor Bug Fix – The “Blank for All” was not working in the Agency Payments Received report for the Import/Reconcile filter list.

May 01, 2014                      7.00.35 – Release Notes

  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – A new button has been added to the Policy screen called “Agent Advance”. This feature will be explained in detail in our weekly newsletter. Bascially this new feature will allow an Agency to pay an Agent a commission even if the Agency has not received a payment from the carrier, i.e. advance money to the Agent before the Agency receives a payment. This feature could also be used to charge an Agent an office or advertising fee. These “advances” will appear on the any of the standard Agent Commissions Earned report as transaction type “Agent Adv” or “AA”. A new transaction type filter has been added to the Agent Commissions Earned report screen, “Agent Adv”, which will allow the user to list only agent advance payments.
  • Major Bug Fix – The new Book of Business report was not calculating correctly for policies using a PPS commisison table.
  • Minor Bug Fix – The mouse hourglass icon was not appearing soon enough in the new A/R, Descrepancy and Book of Business reports.
  • Minor Bug Fix – The new Book of Business and Descrepancy reports would crash if no Carrier was selected on the filter screen. Now a message appears telling the user to select at least one Carrier.

November 05, 2013           7.00.34 – Release Notes

  • Major Enhancement – Added Date of Birth, Age and Customer ID to the Client by Agent report.
  • Minor Enhancement – Added a Policy Status filter to the Book of Business report. Now Terminated policies can be included or excluded from the report.
  • Minor Bug Fix – The Policy Status filter in the New A/R report was not working correctly.
  • Minor Bug Fix – The “Use Proxy” feature on the Registartion screen was not working correctly.

August 21, 2013     7.00.33 – Release Notes

  • Minor Bug Fix – Book of Business report Effective Date range filter was not working correctly.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Standard and Custom Discrepancy reports had a minor issue.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Renew Policies was not accepting decimal places when using the “Edit Premium” feature.

August 01, 2013     7.00.32 – Release Notes

  • NEW REPORT – New Book of Business report! Calculate the total value of your current book by Carrier, Client or Primary Agent.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Import Agent Splits was not requiring both a First AND Last name for Agents.

July 22, 2013           7.00.30 – Release Notes

  • NEW REPORT – New Accounts Receivable (A/R) report showing commissions not yet received and sorted by Billing Date.
  • NEW REPORT – New Discrepancy report shows only 1 row per billing date (summarizes partial payments). Please note that a single Policy # and Billing Date combination will either show up in the A/R report or in the Discrepancy report, but will never show up in both. If a payment has been posted to that Billing Date you can find it in the Discrepancy report (if it has a discrepancy). If no payment has been received to that Billing Date or only partial payments (adjustments) have been received to that Billing Date, you can find it in the A/R report.
  • Major Enhancement – In the File menu there is a new program to “Import Policies”. New policies can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx format). A sample spreadsheet has been included in your CommissionTracker directory. Look for more information on this in an upcoming Weekly Wing Tip email. You can sign up for our newsletter on our website
  • Major Enhancement – In the File menu there is a new program to “Import Agent Commission Splits”. New Agent Commission Splits can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx format). A sample spreadsheet has been included in your CommissionTracker directory. Look for more information on this in an upcoming Weekly Wing Tip email. You can sign up for our newsletter on our website
  • Major Enhancement – Import Carrier Statement – now you have the option to set the Receive Date, Check Date and Check Number on the screen or import them from columns in the Excel file.
  • Major Enhancement – New Option has been added to show Active and/or Inactive Clients in the Client Tree View. The Client screen now has checkbox to flag Inactive clients. This is to help reduce the total # of clients in the Client Tree View.
  • Major Enhancement – “Reverse Import Carrier Statement” can now also be used to reverse a Reconcile session. The .rec extension is for reconcile sessions. The .xls extension if for Excel imports.
  • Major Enhancement – New Option has been added to NOT auto-expire policies. After the policy renewal date has passed, the policy status will remain the same instead of changing to “Expired”.
  • Major Enhancement – Now when you edit a policy and change the policy status to “Terminated” and click “Save” you will be asked for the Termination Date. This date will now show up in red on the policy screen. Click on this red box during Policy Edit if you want to change it back to a different status.
  • Major Enhancement – The “Flat % of premium” commission table now offers 2 types of Premium Overhead Fees: “per payment” or “per term”.
  • Major Enhancement – Renew Policies (located at the top of the Carrier screen) has had a major upgrade. When renewing a group of policies you now have the option to assign a different Commission Table to the renewals without changing the existing policy. Also if the existing policy was created as a “partial term” meaning that you created a term less than 1 year and with less than 12 payments (many reasons for doing this on the 1st term), you can force the renewal to be 1 year with 12 payments per term; everything is adjusted for you automatically. More examples of why/how to use will be published in our newsletter and online help.
  • Major Enhancement – Added an AutoFill Split Table button which can be used to AutoFill the agent commission split table for an existing Policy. It will NOT overwrite an existing agent commission split table.
  • Major Enhancement – The “Scheduled” commission table type is now compatible with Advanced Payments. If the Expected Commission is “Scheduled” to be $25 per month and a policy is setup to receive a 10 month advance, the first payment will be expecting a $250 commission.
  • Major Enhancement – New fields were added to the Client screen: Client Date of Birth (DOB), Cust ID, and State.  In the future these fields may appear in some of the reports. For now they only appear on the Client screen for your reference. The DOB field also calculates the client age for you. You can use the Cust ID field to store whatever you want.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Commission Earned report formats: Annual (by Client). Agents see their earnings in an annual format with monthly and yearly totals, sorted by Client.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Commission Earned report formats: Annual (by Carrier). Agents see their earnings in an annual format with monthly and yearly totals, sorted by Carrier.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Commission Earned report formats: Detail (by Carrier). Agents see their earnings subtotaled by Carrier.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Commission Earned report formats: Detail (by Carrier Premium). Agents see their earnings subtotaled by Carrier but do not see the agency’s earnings.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Commission Earned report formats: Detail (Hybrid). Agents see their earnings as a percentage of the premium AND as a percentage of the agency’s earnings.
  • Report Enhancement – Added Agent Commission Earned report formats: Detail (by Primary Agent). Agents see their earnings subtotaled by the Primary Agent but do not see the agency’s earnings.
  • Report Enhancement – The Agency Payments Received report can now be filtered by Import/Reconcile session. This is a great way to remember exactly which payments were reconciled or imported after the fact.
  • Report Enhancement – The Agency Payments Received report can now be run on “All Dates” for the date range filter. Use this option if you do not want to specify a date range.
  • Report Enhancement – Added a Policy Type filter to the Policies report.
  • Minor Enhancement – Changed the name of the “Adjustment” button on the Policy screen to “Partial/Chgback”. The name “Adjustment” was too vague and is being used to post partial commission payments or chargebacks. So this is a more descriptive name for this button.
  • Minor Enhancement – In the File menu, “Import Policies” was renamed “Import Policies SLX”. Do NOT run Import Policies SLX unless you had purchased this legacy option. It will crash Commission Tracker.
  • Minor Enhancement – When the Import Carrier Statement finishes successfully it now closes the screen. This makes it more obvious that the import has finished and a new one can be started by going back to the File menu.
  • Minor Enhancement – Set the max # of policies for an Agent or Carrier folder to 2,000. If a folder contains more than 2,000 policies then the folder will turn red and cannot be opened.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Clients by Agent report was not showing the correct client count # for each agent.
  • Minor Bug Fix – When running the “Reverse Import Carrier Statement”, sometimes the user would see extra “garbage” in the selection list. Now this list will only display a list of Carrier Statement imports.

February 22, 2013 7.00.27 – Release Notes

  • Report Enhancement – Added “Origination Date” filter to the Agents Commission Earned report.
  • Report Enhancement – Added column for “# of Employees” to the Agency Payments Received report (summary version). Only shows up when sorted by Client and the format is Summary.

November 01, 2012           7.00.26 – Release Notes

  • NEW REPORT – Agent Commissions Earned report has a new format called “Detail (by Primary Agent)”. This report sorts and totals an agent’s commissions by the Primary Agent on the policy.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Changed background colors for some fields on the adjustment screen. The background color made these fields appear to be read-only, even though data input was allowed.

October 09, 2012   7.00.25 – Release Notes

  • Report Enhancement – Added Policy Status to the filter options for the “Agent Commissions Earned” report.
  • Report Enhancement – The “Actual vs Expected Commissions” report can now search for either commission or premium discrepancies.
  • Minor Enhancement – Added the Actual Premium field to the Bonus/Override screen.
  • Minor Bug Fix – “Renew Policies” on the Carrier screen was not resetting the “# of payments paid in advance” back to 1 when renewing a policy.
  • Minor Bug Fix – If the Commission Type column of the Agent Commission Split table was left blank, the program didn’t know which Commission Type to use. Now it will use “% of Commission” if the column is left blank.

August 27, 2012     7.00.24 – Release Notes

  •  Major Enhancement – Added Agent Level feature to both the Tools and Agent screen. It is used as a part of the new function that will look for “similar policies” and copy the agent commission split table so you don’t have to enter it every time.
  • Major Enhancement – Changed the Reconcile screen to show payments due up to 3 months into the future.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Carrier Statement Excel import was reporting an error sometimes if the day of the month from the spreadsheet Billing Date did not match the day of the month of policy’s Effective Date.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Agent Commission Templates bonus %’s for secondary agents was sometimes entered the same as the bonus % of the Primary Agent, even when they were different.
  • Minor Enhancement – On the Adjustment Screen the user can now edit the Expected Commission field.
  • New Report – A new format for the Agent Commission Earned report has been added – “Agent Commissions by Carrier”. This format will sort and subtotal each agent’s commissions by Carrier Name.
  • Minor Bug Fix – Memory storage problem only affecting agencies with over 32,000 clients was fixed.

June 12, 2012                      7.00.23 – Release Notes

  • Major Enhancement – On the Carrier screen a new button has been added – “Renew Policies”, next to the Reconcile Carrier Statement button. Use this button to quickly renew all policies for a single carrier. When you click this button a new screen will appear listing all policies about to be renewed and even allows you to change the premium before renewing.
  • Major Enhancement – When posting a payment to a policy using the “Receive Payment” button, you now can select any Billing Date that has not yet been received. This means payments can now be received out of order and you can easily see which payments are still outstanding.
  • Enhancement – A Progress Bar has been added to the Reconcile Carrier Statement screen, showing the time left to load the outstanding payments.
  • Enhancement – A Progress Bar has been added to one of the Book of Business reports, showing the time left to load the report.
  • Minor Bug Fix – When creating a new Agent Commission Template, the user was being blocked from entering the percentages for the primary agent.
  • Minor Bug Fix – A/R Aging report was not compatible when a policy was using Advance Payments and the Commission Per Term features at the same time. It was overestimating the outstanding commission amount for the first payment.
  • Minor Bug Fix – When posting payments using the Receive Payment button, the check date was sometimes not being copied correctly from the Received Date.
  • Minor Bug Fix – If more than 50 characters were entered in the Rep # field on the Agent screen an error would cause a crash. This field is now limited to a maximum of 50 characters.
  • NEW REPORT – Agency Payments Received (Annual Format) has been added to the list of Agency reports. It is similar to the Agency Payments Received report but it shows 12 months of payments on one page.
  • NEW REPORT – Agent Commissions Earned now has a new format: “Detail (Hybrid)”. Named “Hybrid” because it is a combination of the “Detail (% of Commission)” and “Detail (% of Premium)” reports.
  • NEW REPORT – The Commissions by Carrier report shows the annualized commission received by carrier for each month of the year. This new version can be run based on the Commission Receive Date or the Commission Billing Date.
  • NEW REPORT – The Commissions by Client report show the annualized commission received by client for each month of the year. This new version can be filtered by Agent Type and sorted by Client Name and Policy Type.

April 5, 2012                       7.00.20 – Release Notes

  • Minor Bug Fix – Due to the enhancement in Version 7.00.16, the Import Carrier Statement feature might try to post payments to invalid dates (i.e. February 31, 2012) and crash. This has been fixed
  • Enhancement – Added Help button to the Import Carrier Statement screen
  • Enhancement – When posting payments using the Receive Payment button, the Check Date will now automatically copy from the Receive Date

March 21, 2012      7.00.18 – Release Notes

  • Minor Bug Fix – Last week’s release of Version 7.00.17 introduced a minor bug to the Adjustment button on the Policy screen. In some rare cases the adjustment was not being calculated correctly for the agents. If you installed version 7.00.17, you should upgrade to 7.00.18 immediately.

March 12, 2012      7.00.17 – Release Notes

  • Enhancement – If a policy has received one or more payments, the Payment History button will now turn red. There is no longer a need to open the Payment History just to see if any payments have been received
  • Minor Bug Fix – When creating a new Policy, setting the Origination Date would sometimes cause the Effective and Renewal Dates to be set 1 year in the future. This has been corrected
  • Minor Bug Fix – When creating Carrier Commission Tables, entering anything other than a number (i.e. letter or symbol) in the percentage field would sometimes cause CT to crash. Now only numbers can be entered in the percentage field
  • Minor Bug Fix – CT will no longer allow the user to change the Agent Commission Template for a policy that has already received payments. The payments must be deleted before clicking the “Change Template” button
  • Minor Bug Fix – If payments have been received to a Policy, then the Effective Date of that Policy cannot be changed until all commission payments are deleted. If only bonus, overrides or adjustments have been received then the Effective Date can still be changed
  • Enhancement – If the Effective Date is changed for a Policy, the Agent Commission Split Start Dates will automatically be updated for the first year and renewal year (if applicable). If you have more than 2 splits defined you will need to manually update the others Split Start Dates
  • Major Bug Fix – If agents were being paid a % of Premium for Bonus/Override, and you use the Bonus/Override button on the policy screen to post a bonus or override, the agents were not being paid the correct bonus or override amount. This has been fixed. If the bonus/overrides were posted from the Reconcile Carrier Statement screen or Imported from Excel, the calculation was correct.
  • Minor Bug Fix – The Payment History screen was allowing the Actual Premium and Commission columns to be modified directly in the table. This should not be allowed because the agents’ commissions have already calculated and posted by this point. And changing these amounts on the Payment History screen after the fact will cause the reports to appear wrong. This has been fixed. To change a the premium or commission for a payment you must delete that payment (which removes it from the agents’ account) and then re-enter it
  • Enhancement – Changed the word CLEARED to PAID on the Reconcile Carrier Statement screen. This should make it more obvious that you are marking those payments as paid from the carrier. The word ‘cleared’ seemed to cause some confusion
  • Enhancement – Added Help button to the Policy screen
  • Enhancement – When creating a new Policy you now receive a warning if the # of Payments/Term is greater than the # of months between the policy Effective Date and Renewal Date. Also, based on the # of months between the policy Effective Date and Renewal Date, it will now try to calculate the # of Payments/Term automatically (i.e. for 6 month auto policies the 6 is entered for you based on a 6 date range you created)
  • Minor Bug Fix – There was no way to enter a chargeback for Agents who were being paid using the Agent Commission Split Type of “dollars”. Now the Adjustment screen will ask how much you want to charge back to the agents
  • Enhancement – Added option to disable the Auto Receive feature. This new option is listed at the bottom of the Options menu
  • Enhancement – If the Agency –> Predict Commissions report is not allowed to terminate properly, CT will now try to auto-repair the database the next time CT is started

February 20, 2012 7.00.16 – Release Notes

  • Major Bug Fix – After using the Search feature to find a Policy and then changing the agent commission split table an error would occasionally appear: “Not a Unique Key” and then crash CT. This has been fixed
  • Enhancement – The Import Carrier Statement feature has been improved. Now only the month and year of the Billing Date is used to determine when to post the payment. This means the day of the month of the Billing Date in the Excel spreadsheet no longer has to match exactly the day of the month of the Policy Effective Date
  • Minor Bug Fix – Sometimes when using the Duplicate Policy feature, the premium would be incorrect in the new policy.
  • Major Upgrade to the Online Help. It now has more Searching options and a lot of new content has been added… with more still to come

February 1, 2012   7.00.15 – Release Notes

  • New feature added to the Option menu. User can select whether or not to allow new policies with $0 premium
  • Major Bug Fix – CT was crashing occasionally when the database contains over 32,000 policies. This has been resolved by not allowing any single folder to contain more than 1000 policies
  • Major Bug Fix – Agent Payments Received report was not accurate when filtering the report down to a single carrier
  • Minor Bug Fix – On the policy screen occasionally the effective date was not being set correctly after the user sets the origination date

January 23, 2012   7.00.14 – Release Notes

  • NEW – Reconcile Carrier Statement now includes many new options to make carrier statement entry easier and faster than ever before
  • NEW – A new Commission Schedule Type has been added. The new type called PPS (pay per subscriber) is also sometimes known as PEPM (per employee per month). This new type calculates the commission for a group policy based on the number of members in the group
  • Reports have been reorganized and several reports have been consolidated into a single report, giving users more powerful options when creating reports
  • NEW REPORT – Agency Payments Received – Very powerful report to show gross income or to reconcile total carrier commissions received, etc…
  • NEW REPORT – Polices – Perfect for creating a lists of policies by client or by agent
  • Integrity Check – The new Policies report has two options that every user should run. These options allow the users to create a list of policies that have invalid configurations. These invalid configurations can cause agents to not be paid correctly
  • NEW – Three new Book of Business reports have been added. These can be used to determine the value of each agents “book”
  • UnRegister was added to the Help menu. Users can now unregister Commission Tracker and install it on a new computer without calling CT support
  • JoinGotoMeeting was added to the Help menu, allowing CT support to quickly gain remote access to a user’s computer when requested
  • Bug Fix – Many users have had to occasionally re-activate Commission Tracker for no apparent reason. This has been resolved. However, the solution requires all users to re-activate one more time with a new version 7 activation code.
  • Bug Fix – When exporting reports to Excel, sometimes Excel would report an error when reading the Excel file generated by CT
  • Bug Fix – The Policy by Status report was sometimes reporting the same policy more than once
  • Bug Fix – The Details (commission table) button on the Policy screen would sometimes show the wrong commission table
  • New option on the policy screen to only pay agents one time, even if the agency receives payments monthly
  • The Accounts Receivable Aging report and Reconcile Carrier Statement screen are now compatible with “partial payments”
  • The color of the Terminated icon was changed from red to black so that it can stand out more (Expired policies were also red making it confusing)
  • Help buttons were added to many screen – connecting the user directly to the appropriate section of the online help website
  • The View menu has been renamed to Options and now allows the users to configure more options than before
  • If two CT users are sharing the same username on two different computers they will receive a warning. Each CT user should have a unique username
  • A new field on the Agent screen can be used to store an agent’s EIN or SSN. This field now appears on the Agent Commissions Earned (Summary) report
  • Flat Commission schedules (commission = % of premium) now have the option of deducting an overhead fee ( commission = % of (premium – overhead fee) )
  • Updated the CT Database Repair program to be compatible with Windows 7
  • Improved the visibility of Notes (Agent, Client, Carrier and Policy screen). If a note exists the button will now turn red
  • NEW – AutoReceive payments feature. When initially loading CT with existing policies that have already received several payments, CT will offer to automatically post the past payments for you. This is useful during the initial load of CT when you do not want to go back and enter several months of past payments for your existing policies
  • Many improvements were made to increase the speed of calculations. Most notable on very large databases (10,000+ policies)
  • Too many minor improvements to list…

April 18, 2011         5.00.91 – Release Notes

  • NEW FEATURE – The Accounts Receive (Aging Report) can now report either premium outstanding or COMMISSION outstanding
  • Fixed a problem with finding the Documents folder when it is located on the network.
  • Check Support menu option in the Help menu now works correctly for Rental users
  • Proxy Settings were not being read correctly causing an error message to pop-up when the program is opened stating that an internet connection could not be found.
  • Fixed a problem with Registration and Activation. Some computers were unable to activate.

January 15, 2011 5.00.09 – Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 5.00.3 where CT would crash when trying to determine the location of the My Documents folder.
  • Fixed a problem with Rental customers not being able to download software updates.
  • Now E-mail (MAPI) is an optional destination for the exporting of all reports.
  • Changed the name of the software from “AmbiCom Commission Tracker” to “Commission Tracker”.

November 5, 2010            5.00.07 – Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug from Rev 5. Adjustment Button was ignoring the new Agent Commission Type column.
  • Added back in the ability to type the first letters of an agent name and filter the drop down list.

October 20, 2010 5.00.05 – Release Notes

  • The new feature in Rev 03, created a problem with the Agent Commission Report (% of Premium). The totals were still being calculated the old way.

September 22, 2010        5.00.03 – Release Notes

NEW FEATURE – Added new column to Agent Commission Split Table. Choose from 3 types of Agent Commission: 1) % of Comm 2) % of Prem 3) Dollars

  • Added a new menu item under View to set the default Agent Split Commission Type.
  • A new report format for the Commission by Client report. This format is designed to easily export to an Excel format.
  • The default location for the database is now the Windows Documents folder. This change was made to avoid issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Fixed a bug in the new Advance Pay feature. It was ignoring the “Comm Per Term” field on the policy screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the Import Carrier Statement feature. It also was ignoring the “Comm Per Term” field on the policy screen. Now it uses it to populate the Expected Commission column.
  • Import Carrier Statement will now calculate correctly when using “Comm Per Term” and Advance Pay at the same time on a policy.

March 18, 2010    5.00.01 BETA – Release Notes

  • Now fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • NEW FEATURE – Commission Tracker now supports Pay Per Subscriber (aka Pay Per Member). This is a new type of Carrier Commission Table which can be found on the Carrier Commission Table screen. The # of clients is stored on the Client screen.
  • NEW FEATURE – On the Policy screen there is a new field: “# of Payments Paid In Advance”. Mostly used for Life Insurance policies. For example, if you expect to get a 9-month advance commission on a 1-year policy, you would set this field to 9. Then CT will expect the first payment and then not expect another payment until 9 months later, for a total of 4 payments. Upon renewal of the policy, this field is automatically set back to one, which is the default and means that there are no advance payments expected.
  • Agent Commission Split table was changed to make it more intuitive and easier to create new tables.
  • Agent Commission Split table now changes WITH the Policy Term table, i.e. when you select a different term for a policy at the top of the policy screen, the Agent Commission Table displayed at the bottom of the screen will be the correct split table for that term.
  • The Receive Date and Check Date on the Reconcile Carrier Statement screen was always showing 4/12/2009 instead of today’s date.
  • When entering Adjustments from the Policy screen, you are now allowed to enter your own Billing Date, just in case you do not want to choose one from the drop down list.
  • Improved the tab order in the Adjustment Screen and the Receive Payment screen.
  • Commission Tracker can now manage multiple databases, and each can have its own Company Name. This feature is located in the FILE menu. However an activation code is required for each database managed.
  • Changed the name of the POLICY view button to SEARCH to make it less confusing.

September 1, 2009            4.51.29 – Release Notes

  • Happy Labor Day – This release contains some major changes to the report engine. This means updated and improved options for exporting and printing reports.  Since version 5.0.0 is taking longer than expected we are going to go ahead and release this version, which contains 50% of the changes we were going to include in version 5.0.0. This release was beta tested in the field for 2 months.
  • NEW report engine which means more exporting options and stability.
  • ALL reports were re-written to be compatible with the new report engine.
  • NEW – ALL DATE FIELDS use a brand new control allowing you to use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to QUICKLY enter dates. This new date calendar control is MUCH easier to use than the old one.
  • Improved Payment History screen to include policy details.
  • Improved Payment History to allow the deletion of payments that are NOT the last payment in the list.
  • Improved Payment History report so it has the same info as the Payment History screen.
  • Improved the Carrier Statement Import process. You now have the option to receive bonuses and overrides.
  • Fixed bug in Reverse Import – it was not deleting all of the records so they were still hanging out there and going to be paid even though the original Receive record had been deleted.
  • Fixed the Accounts Receive Aging report. Due to bad user data entry and other factors it would not always report every missed/late payment. You will now get a complete 100% accurate report of every payment that has not been paid to you by your Providers.
  • Fixed Commission Tables report which would occasionally crash.
  • Fixed bug when setting options on some report screens and then running the report. When you closed the report all the options were locked up and could not be changed without exiting the program first.
  • Fixed an installation error 429 that occurred after installing CT under 1 Windows user account but then using CT under a different Windows user account.
  • Improved the Agent Commission report – new filters to only display any combination of Commission, Bonus and Overrides on the report. Also, a new “direct to excel” export option and the ability to export the entire agent commission database with no formatting or grouping, so that you can build your own report from scratch.
  • NEW ability to track more than 1 company in separate databases and easily move between the 2 different databases/companies. This feature requires additional licensing which must be purchased from us.
  • Improved Adjustment screens – added check date and check # fields
  • Improved the Book of Business report – added the Version 4 format back in as an option
  • Fixed a bug in the Import Policies process for SalesLogix – the Terminated policies would change back to Expired status because Import Policies was setting all status back to Expired without checking the current status first.
  • Fixed bug in the Agent Commission Split Table – it was allowing users to click on an agent’s name and change the name to a different agent EVEN though commissions may have already been paid using the original split. This is a breach of integrity of the “virtual paper trail”. Now you must delete the original agent which CT will not allow if commissions have already been paid out.

March 17, 2009      4.51.22 – Release Notes

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day – This release contains some updates to the new Book of Business report, continues to improve performance and fixes several minor issues. This should be one of the last version 4.51 releases, as version 5.0.0 is nearing completion. Therefore, this release is considered the most stable to date.
  • Now remembers the last Login Name used, so you don’t have it type it in every time you logon.
  • Actual vs. Expect Report 1) page break on Carrier 2) New filter to only show payments with discrepancies
  • Agent Commission Splits Report Added filter to ignore bonus / overrides percentages
  • Agent Commission Report (Detail) Show Agent and Agency totals at the top
  • Book of Business Report – 1) Added new option to “Show Summary – sort by subtotals descending” 2) Now includes bonuses and overrides
  • Import Carrier Statement 1) Automatically sets the “import name” to the excel filename 2) Automatically sets the start and end rows
  • When creating a new policy, Origination Date will automatically be set to Term Effective Date
  • Now gives a warning if other users on your network have installed a newer version of CT than you!
  • New feature in Tools menu to “Repair Database”. This should run about once per month. It is better then the old Repair Database utility which will be phased out.
  • New feature in Tools menu to “Clear Event Log” in case it is getting too big over time
  • New option in Tools menu to turn off “Auto Refresh” of the database. By turning off the “Auto Refresh” you will improve performance but your screen will not be updated when other users on your network make changes to the database
  • After downloading an update, CT now asks to close itself before the update can be installed
  • Networks that use Proxy Configurations are now supported
  • Fixed issue with adding a new user
  • Fixed issue with viewing a user’s security level
  • Added scroll bars to the Release Notes box in Check for Updates
  • Fixed issue on Registration screen not accepting some email addresses
  • Added feature to Help menu to load the Getting Started Manual
  • New installations now open the in Window mode “normal” instead of “maximized”
  • Even faster initial load times than 4.51.18!

March 1, 2009         4.51.20 – Release Notes   

  • Limited public release to resolve Book of Business, Carrier Statement Import and Internet Proxy setting problems.


February 10, 2009 4.51.18 – Release Notes

  • Happy Valentine’s Day – This release contains some VERY powerful new reports, as well as, enhancements to reports that have been around for years. Keep your suggestions coming! All reports were built based upon your comments.
  • Much faster load times! Using a new cache system you should experience much faster load times when opening CT the 2nd and 3rd times during the day.
  • NEW REPORT! “Book of Business” report – Calculate how much revenue an Agent is generating for the agency and other agents
  • NEW REPORT! “Policies” report – Very powerful and flexible – search by Origination Date, Effective Date, Renewal Date, Status and Primary Agent (selecting this option will group the report by Primary Agent)
  • ENHANCED REPORT! Agent Commission Split Report. New options and filters to give you all the reports you need regarding Agent Commission Splits, including Not Equal To 100%, Grouped by Primary Agent and Grouped by Client
  • ENHANCED REPORT! Added option to show Policies in the Carrier List Report
  • ENHANCED REPORT! Added carrier name to Policy Renewal Report
  • ENHANCED REPORT! Added option to Clients by Agent report to group by Agent or by Primary Agent
  • ENHANCED REPORT! Added grand total to bottom of Commissions by Client Summary
  • Carrier Statement Import example file now included in the install. Locate:
    US Health & Life Sample.xls in your c:\Program Files\CommissionTracker folder. This file is compatible with the original Demo database but is also a good reference of the type of Excel file Commission Tracker can import.Made it more obvious that the Policy View is for Searching Only. It does not list ALL policies
  • Improved notification of a newer version being available
  • Fixed issue with CRM import not marking imported Agents as “In” or “Out” of house
  • Fixed error in Add New Client and Add New Agent when not selecting a Client Type / Agent Type or Location


January 13, 2009   4.51.16 – Release Notes

  • Fixed the crash problem “Run-time error ‘35602’ Key is not unique in collection” This usually occurred when entering the first Agent in the split table for a NEW policy. This bug was introduced by version 4.0.0


January 7, 2009      4.51.14 – Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem with creating a new user name and trying to use it for the first time. This bug was introduced by 4.51.12
  • Check For Updates now compares all the way down to the Revision #. This means better reporting of when a new version is available.
  • Can download latest version of CT directly from the Check For Updates screen.
  • Checks for updates when CT is started
  • Trial Version users are now allowed to check and download updates

December 25, 2008           4.51.04 – Release Notes

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Better Date validation when creating a new Comm Start Date for an Agent Comm Split Table
  • Improved the Explorer tree sync when modifying a policy. This was causing run-time errors for some users

December 17, 2008           4.51.03 – Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug when creating a Comment for a Policy it would copy that comment to every new policy created there after.
  • Critical bug fixed – was allowing agents to be deleted even though they still had policies assigned to them.

December 9, 2008 4.51.00 – Release Notes

  • Require minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The CT screen gets cut off in 800 x 600 resolution near the bottom

October 10, 2008   4.00.47 – Release Notes

  • The Term Renewal Date now auto updates to be 1 year after the Effective Date on the Policy screen when entering a new policy (or editing).
  • Critical bug fixed – sometimes Payment History would not show all the payments or not all of the columns.
  • Carrier Reconcile screen can now be sorted by Billing Date in addition to Policy # and Client name.
  • Menu fix – View -> Policy was not doing anything
  • All Reports now open Full Screen, so you can see the entire report without scrolling horizontally.

October 9, 2008      4.00.45 – Release Notes

Critical bug fixed – using Receive Payment button on policy screen – Expected Commission was not being saved properly and showed up in Payment History incorrectly. This was ONLY a problem when the “Comm Per Term” option was being used to estimate the carrier commission and Receive Payment was being used instead of Reconcile Carrier.

September 25, 2008          4.00.43 – Release Notes

  • Sort the Template lists by Template name on the policy screen (agent split) and in the Edit Agent Comm Templates
  • Critical bug fixed – Now uses the Bonus / Override percentages instead of the standard Commission percentage when paying Agents. This was ONLY a problem if carrier commissions were entered through the Reconcile screen.

September 25, 2008          4.00.41 – Release Notes

  • Added filter by Primary Agent to Agent Comm report.  Now you can see how valuable a single agent is to the rest of the company.

August 17, 2008     4.00.39 – Release Notes

  •  New Report! Commission by # of Employees

 July 01, 2008                       4.00.37 – Release Notes

  • Fixed bug in report: Policies by Agent (made it 4.0 compatible)
  • Updated the Revenue by Check # report to show totals

June 13, 2008                      4.00.35 – Release Notes

  • Enhanced the Aging Report (now called the Accounts Receivable report)
  • Added the Carrier Name column
  • Added Filter by Client and by Primary Agent
  • Added Filter to only show policies with Payments more than 90 days old