Commission Tracker Software

Commission Tracker Software

Commission Tracker will configure your software, then train you to use the software to process your own commissions.

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With Commission Tracker as part of your team, you gain the advantage of streamlining your commissions process effortlessly. This powerful tool enables you to conveniently pay agents, generate reports, and achieve much more. Numerous agencies initially struggle with tracking commissions using inadequate tools, leading to overwhelming situations where producing necessary reports becomes challenging. However, Commission Tracker can completely revolutionize this experience.

Commission Tracker Software

$67 a month 

Additional Administrator Licenses

$47 a month for each additional administrator license

Configuration Fee

One time Fee of $125 for our experts to configure your software.

Agent Licenses

If you need to pay agents each month the Agent License fee is $1 per Agent per Month. Agent Licenses are sold in packs of 5.

Monthly Software Estimation
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Monthly Subscriptions with no annual support fee.

Instant Access to your data from anywhere! Nothing to download, install, update or backup ever! Perfect when multiple users need access from various locations but still want to share the same database.

Training is available

After Commission Tracker configures your software you will be trained on every aspect of the software

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Additional Software Insight.

Commission Tracker operates on a cloud-based platform, meaning we host the software on our robust servers. This eliminates the need for you to download or manually update any software. More importantly, it ensures the constant safety and security of your data. Additionally, you can conveniently access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

To initiate your use of the software, simply subscribe on a monthly basis. By making this purchase, you agree to have your credit card automatically billed the same monthly fee. Your subscription remains active until you contact us to cancel, with all cancellations requiring email confirmation.

There’s no mandatory minimum subscription period. Commission Tracker Cloud offers a hassle-free start, bundling software hosting, upgrades, and email support within your monthly subscription. You also receive 60 minutes of annual phone support.

Our licensing for Commission Tracker Cloud is “user-based.” This means each user needs an admin license. The initial admin license costs $67 per month, and each additional admin license is priced at $47 per month.

For instance:

  • If two individuals plan to use the software, you’ll require two admin licenses ($67 + $47 per month).

  • If one person intends to use the software both on their office PC and laptop at home, only one admin license is needed ($77 per month).

Your monthly subscription includes support, so there are no extra charges unless you exceed the included 60 minutes of annual phone support.

For those needing to pay agents each month, the Agent License fee is $1 per Agent per Month, sold in packs of 5.

With our Cloud service, you will always have access to the latest version of Commission Tracker, all without the hassle of downloading or updating anything manually.

Software Features

Easily pay your agents using powerful commission reports

With one click of the mouse your agents receive detailed reports itemizing every commission earned.

CT has a report that lists detailed information about policies with delinquent commission payments from the Carrier

This report itemizes exactly how much is overdue and the age of the debt.

There are many different filtering and sorting options.

New Book of Business report!

Calculate the total value of your current book by Carrier, Client or Primary Agent.

There are many different filtering and sorting options.

This feature allows you to import a carrier statement if it is in the MS Excel format.

You can quickly configure CT to “read” any Excel carrier statement.

There is no need to re-enter your policy and agent split data, if you already have it in a MS Excel format.

You can use our new import utility to quickly populate the Commission Tracker database with your data.

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