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Commission Tracker was specifically designed for insurance agencies.

Who’s Tracking Your Commissions?

CT is focused on managing the commissions paid to your Agency, as well as, the commissions owed to your Producers.

But it also does so much more… giving you detailed reports from every angle of your business.

Process of how Carrier Statments filter into CT and come out as payments to agents, Reports, Book of Business and so much more

Process your own Commissions using Commission Tracker Software.

Let Commission Processing experts process your commissions for you.

How has Commission Tracker Helped Others?

Kate W.
Kate W.
Commission Tracker is a Necessity! ☺Commission Tracker makes it so simple to track commissions each month. I am able to track each dollar the company receives and pay our producers the agreed upon percentages they earned. It is super easy to run producer reports at the end of each month and I have complete confidence in the product. The price is also unbeatable. Finally, in 7 years I've only had to use customer service TWICE and each time I received a phone call almost immediately. They are very knowledgeable, patient, and pleasant! ☹Once you renew a policy, there is no way (that I am aware of) to see commissions received for prior policies.
Rachel G.
Rachel G.
Commission Review Better system for commission purposes ☺Tisha is an awesome asset and very helpful! ☹Nothing to report. I have had pleasant experiences.
Andy H.
Andy H.
What did I do before Commission Tracker? I don't know what I would do with them. I don't want to know what I would have to do without them. ☺Before Commission Tracker, our commission process was a mess. Not only was gathering and figuring commissions difficult and time consuming, there were leaks throughout the process. Now, we got the process dialed in, have outstanding software and support, and I am more confident than ever that the process is as tight as can be. ☹Some people might shy away from the dated-looking user interface, but don't. It works. It's efficient. It's affordable. It takes years (if not a decade plus) to build a product that is this capable. Be ware of the new, sexy software that hasn't been battle-tested.
Michelle A.
Michelle A.
Great Product - Fantastic Team Over the five years I've used the software, the team members have listened to my requests and done their best to help me get the information I need. More than once their regular monthly updates have added yet another feature to make my life easier. They're constantly improving an already powerful tool and working with them is always a pleasure. ☺I tracked commissions manually with a spreadsheet for years. There was no check and balance and it was difficult to guarantee accuracy. Commission Tracker took a monumental task, made it manageable, and cut my completion time in half. Now I have an efficient and accurate method for financial analysis and more time to work on production. ☹There is no way to make a carrier table inactive, and many commission schedules change every year. I'd like to hide those not in use from the New Policy drop-down. I've also noticed that making an agent inactive doesn't remove them from any of the drop-downs. If we were a larger agency, this would be a big problem. Some reports don't have the filtering and/or sorting options that I need, but there is usually a workaround.
Dusty L.
Dusty L.
Couldn't function without it ☺This software is absolutely amazing. I could not process commissions without. We were using an excel spreadsheet to track our commissions until we just got to big and it was too hard to keep up with. We have used commission tracker for maybe 8 years or so now and it has made life so much easier. It allows us to track what we are being paid and if we are missing commissions or not getting the correct amount. Also because we have multiple agents that we pay it tracks the commission splits with so much ease. Love, Love, Love this software. ☹might take a little bit of a learning curve to get used to. Wish I had done some things different from the beginning because it's too late to change them now. The way you enter info can be subjective to the person doing the entering and therefore trying to train someone else to take over is very difficult because they may not do it the same way and therefore you will end up with inconsistency.
Janet S.
Janet S.
Excellent customer support (whenever I've needed it), Effective Reporting Capabilities & Easy to Use I use it every day and it has provided me with excellent reporting capabilities to give to key decision makers, it allows me to pull data quickly for various reports I run for internal and external reporting, and through the uploading of statements the amount of time it takes to import data has decreased by over 50%. ☺I like the Customer Support, the ease of uploading statements and the reports that are available that I can provide to decision makers and producers. ☹I'd love to be able to more easily manipulate the excel downloads of the reports. I'd like to be able to run Pivots with them more easily.
Diana L.
Diana L.
Allows you to manage your book of business with a positive financial impact! Confidence that you are managing your revenue! ☺Commission Tracker is user friendly and yet very detailed. Ability to building your carrier commission scales allows you to calculate your book of business to the penny. The import of commissions is easy to use unlike some other products. For folks that prefer to hand key, this is easy as well and the discrepancies appear right on the screen, which allows the auditing process to start immediately. The program is multi-user and allows for permission settings. The key to this software is the customer service. Any question or issue is addressed quickly and diligently. If you have a specific need, the programmers try to understand how you manage your business to help understand the best solution. Sometimes your needed solution becomes a program update. Love that they are open to real life needs and solutions. This is not an out of the box product that does not evolve! ☹Not a personal fan of crystal reports because I am not well versed in it. All reports are exportable to Excel, however Crystal to Excel sometimes need manipulating. That being said, if a report needed is not programmed, the programmers will help create one specific for your needs.
Ralph V.
Ralph V.
Great program, saves so much time and prevent mistakes ☺Easy to use once the data is incorporated into the system. Execl spreadsheet quickly import to the system. The reporting section is outstanding and very useful to the agent and management. Tremendous time saver reducing a week of manual data input of Excel to just a few minutes. Exceptional service by a local tech support, not somebody in India. ☹The requirement to make sure the excel spreadsheet exactly meets the import requirements. The length of some of the data fields is restrictive. The program doesn't include a balancing mechanism rechecking the commission splits with the gross commission.
Matthew S.
Matthew S.
Have been using it for 15 years, very reliable and gets the job done. Saves time, makes payroll a breeze. ☺The Commission Tracker is very comprehensive in setting up producers and client accounts. it handles multiple splits easily so for clients with multiple agents it is very handy. While data entry is straightforward, when there are lots of commissions statements it will take a lot of time. They have an in-house data entry service that is very effective and when I switched over, it made it much easier to process commissions. ☹For most people it should not be a problem but the installed version runs on a Windows computer. The cloud version is a better way to run the software because there is no need to save the data locally.
Dave L.
Dave L.
Unquestionably the best! We've been using Commission Tracker since our company was founded in 2005, and not only is the product excellent, with a number of valuable upgrades implemented since the first version, but the customer support is absolutely superb. In this day & age where so many firms off-site their customer service, or make it nearly impossible to find a support phone number when they need help, it is truly a delight to work with a company that does neither of those, and is always available to help as needed. Thanks so much to Shane and the rest of the team for being the absolute best in this critical segment of the marketplace for us.

What is holding you back from implimenting Commission Tracker today?

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This shouldn’t be an added worry on top of all the other aspects of your business that you’re already juggling. In this industry, every bit of income is crucial for you to effectively serve your clients and meet their needs. But it’s not just about the present; it’s also about the future

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Commission Tracker has over 23 years of experience tracking commissions. This has given The Team the ability to perfect and stay ahead of the needs and demands within commission processing.


Our mission is to remove the need to manually track commission and give clients piece of mind and accurate data regarding their commissions. Provide the ability for you to pay agents easily and accurately with just the push of a button. 

Commission Tracker has over 23 years of experience tracking commissions. This has given Commission Tracker the ability to perfect and stay ahead of the needs and demands within commission tracking.