Terms and Conditions

Commission Tracker Software LLC


The utilization of Commission Tracker is contingent upon the purchaser’s acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1. Commission Tracker, which is the exclusive property of Commission Tracker Software LLC, is made available to the purchaser through a nonexclusive license, subject to the conditions outlined in this Agreement.

2. The purchaser is authorized to create copies of the database for archival purposes.

3. The purchaser is expressly prohibited from making alterations, modifications, distributions, or sales of the software, along with its accompanying manual and help files, without obtaining prior written consent from Commission Tracker Software LLC.

4. Commission Tracker Software LLC reserves the right to implement changes, improvements, and additions to the software and its associated manual/help files without prior notification to the purchaser.

5. The purchaser acknowledges that, while the software is expected to operate in accordance with the instructions provided in the manual/help files, it may not fully meet specific user requirements and may encounter occasional issues. Commission Tracker Software LLC disclaims any responsibility for the software’s use beyond what is described in the manual/help files or in a separate Extended Software Service Agreement, mutually agreed upon by the purchaser and Commission Tracker Software LLC.

6. Commission Tracker Software LLC will implement reasonable and appropriate measures to assist the purchaser in safeguarding their data against accidental or unauthorized loss, access, or disclosure. Commission Tracker Software LLC will only access or utilize the purchaser’s data as necessary for software maintenance or the provision of software service offerings, or to comply with legal obligations or governmental orders.

7. Commission Tracker Software LLC bears no liability for the quality, performance, or maintenance of the software. Additionally, Commission Tracker Software LLC shall not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages incurred by the purchaser due to software usage.

8. The purchaser acknowledges that the software is provided “as is,” without any expressed or implied warranties.

9. Commission Tracker Software LLC’s liability to the purchaser is limited to either replacing the software or reimbursing the purchase price if the software fails to perform as described in the manual/help files. It is the user’s responsibility to thoroughly test any program before relying on it, assuming full risk associated with its utilization.

10. Violation of the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement may result in the immediate termination of the purchaser’s license for Commission Tracker. Nevertheless, all provisions in this Agreement, safeguarding the rights and interests of Commission Tracker Software LLC, will remain in effect even after the license is terminated.

11. This Agreement is subject to the laws of the State of California, USA, and can only be modified through written statements signed by both the purchaser and Commission Tracker Software LLC.

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