Agent Commission Split Tables

Distributing commissions can often be a cumbersome task in agency management. Do you currently allocate a fixed commission percentage to agents for each policy, with the remaining commissions directed to the agency? While this approach streamlines the process and enhances efficiency, envision a scenario where you could effortlessly compute agent commission splits using a singular …

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Agent Commission Distribution

How does your Agency manage the distribution of agent commissions? Agent commission splits not only occur between agents and the agency but also among individual agents, adding a layer of complexity to the process. This intricacy can be time-consuming. Have your agents ever raised concerns or questioned their commissions? To streamline this process, Commission Tracker …

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Custom Reports

Companies often require customized reports to address their specific objectives and operational needs. These tailored reports offer unique insights and information that align with the organization’s goals and decision-making processes. The following are some prevalent reasons for generating custom reports: meeting requirements, monitoring performance, harnessing business intelligence,, satisfying client and stakeholder reporting demands, optimizing processes, …

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Agent Splits

When calculating commission payouts within your agency, do you encounter scenarios involving splits between different agents or different splits between agents and the agency itself? How does your agency handle the calculation of accurate splits for the right recipients?  Commission Tracker simplifies this process by utilizing carrier tables where Agents can be assigned to different Commission Levels which determine …

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Organization For Policy Status

Maintaining a clear understanding of your clients’ policy statuses is crucial in various scenarios. Nevertheless, the task of categorizing clients based on their policy status can sometimes result in perplexing spreadsheets and client folders. Effective organization is the key to ensuring smooth and streamlined operations. Imagine having the capability to effortlessly organize clients according to …

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Agent Portal!

Did you know Commission Tracker offers an Agent Web Portal for Insurance Agencies? You can allow your agents to run commission reports 24/7! No need for them to ask you to run various reports for them. Existing Commission Tracker customers just need to contact us at to have this feature turned on for them.