What is Commission Tracker

In the insurance industry, agents and agencies play a significant role, but they are just one piece of the larger puzzle. There are various vital components within your business, including your clients, carriers, and all the individuals who contribute to its functioning. However, none of this would be feasible without a continuous flow of money through your business. Have you considered how you’re monitoring your commissions and ensuring accurate payments?

This shouldn’t be an added worry on top of all the other aspects of your business that you’re already juggling. In this industry, every bit of income is crucial for you to effectively serve your clients and meet their needs. But it’s not just about the present; it’s also about the future, thinking ahead to 5 or 10 years down the road. What do your agent splits look like after the first or second year? Did you know there are methods to track agent splits over the entire life of a policy?

This is just one of the many capabilities of Commission Tracker, designed to relieve you of the stress and hassle associated with commission tracking. Additionally, Commission Tracker can manage bonuses, overrides, and any other transactions related to your insurance commissions within your business. Check back weekly to discover more ways in which Commission Tracker can streamline and simplify your commission management process.

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